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Sample Installations

Redlands Longview.JPG
Redlands Shooting Park
Redlands, California

In July of 2011, Redlands Shooting Park, one of the premier trap and skeet facilities in the Western United States, received a letter from the EPA demanding that it cease and desist from shooting lead into the down range dry riverbed that had also been named as an endangered species area.

After 45 years, it looked like Redlands was going to suffer the fate of so many other clubs that have been shut down because of lead falling onto adjacent landowner's property.

However, we proposed installing a 1200' long shot curtain, 40' high that would catch the lead and keep it on gun club property. With a lot of work, the EPA, City, County, landlord and a total of 14 governmental agencies agreed to the solution of the shot curtain and Redlands was saved for the enjoyment of future generations of recreational shooters.

Unfortunately, the only source for  shot curtain fabric decided that it was too low a volume product for them to continue manufacturing and marketing. Knowing that a reliable source of the fabric was crucial not only for Redlands but for several other gun clubs who had or were planning to install curtains, Jim Tyner, Project Manager for the Redlands curtain installation, undertook to develop and manufacture the special ballistic fabric required to stop lead shot from leaving gun club property or entering sensitive areas to make sure that all gun clubs would have continued and future access to this club saving solution.  See:

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Brisbane Australia
Site of 2018 Commonwealth Games

Since 2012 ShotStop fabric has been installed throughout the Continental United States and and on both sides of Canada in British Columbia and Ontario. In addition, we created for our now Australian Distributor, PCMN Enviro, a special ordered, green dyed fabric 8' x45' panels which were installed at a beautiful, newly constructed venue for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

We are very proud that ShotStop was selected as the shot curtain material of choice in competition with worldwide manufacturers of shot containment systems. ShotStop is the only light weight, single layer fabric that has proven 100% effective in stopping lead pellets at distances as close as 80 yards.

Installed on metal poles, the curtain is 64' high to accommodate the higher shot angles required for the higher target presentations used in international, bunker trap Olympic style competitions. We expect to begin delivery of ShotStop panels for a second large Australian club before the end of 2019.

For information about ShotStop fabric and installation in Australia & New Zealand, contact:

 Craig Mitchell
+61 414 417 136

Sand Point Gun Club
Sagle, ID.

The reason ShotStop was founded was to save gun clubs from being closed through actions of various types of government agencies or by lawsuits from neighboring land owners concerning lead shot being deposited in sensitive areas or on neighboring property. Every time ShotStop panels are used to save a club or help a club manage its lead more effectively, we mark it up as a win for the shooting sports and helping to preserve our Second Amendment Rights.

Whether a club is a high volume commercial club like Redlands, an internationally prestigious club like in Brisbane, the mile long curtain at the Cardinal Center in Ohio or a two trap field curtain like this one at the Sand Point Gun Club in Idaho, we spend as much time as necessary working with the club to make their curtain a reality.

In fact, the majority of clubs who have installed ShotStop curtains have been private clubs with 2 - 6 fields who have come under attack to close. While shot curtains are an expensive improvement  they are a bargain compared to closing your club.

We have worked with and consulted for dozens of clubs about their lead management challenges. Often times there are lead management techniques that can be used instead of a shot curtain. We never charge for a review and consultation. If your situation requires professional representation or services, we can put you in contact with gun club knowledgeable advisors. Please feel comfortable calling us. Keeping your club open and operating more profitably is our passion.



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