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About ShotStop Founders

ShotStop was founded by Jim Tyner, Terry Bilbey and Gary Bombalicki

We all have extensive business experience and other businesses that provide our living. ShotStop was founded out of necessity to keep Redlands Shooting Park open but quickly grew into a vital provider of our special ballistic fabric used to construct shot containment curtains. We all have a passion for the clay target sports and are proud that ShotStop has been used to keep clubs open for the continued enjoyment of thousands of current shooters and maintaining their clubs as a legacy for shooters to come.


Jim Tyner


Jim began shooting trap in 2005 and ATA in 2006 and attained AA27 within two years. In 2007, he was appointed Facilities Chairman of North Hollywood Sportsman Club to undertake a major capital improvement program. Over the next three years he oversaw a major re-grading of the property which solved major, repeated flooding problems. In addition two new trap fields were constructed taking the club from 2 fields to 4 along with improvements to the existing skeet field. In addition, he created and implemented a comprehensive lead management program to retain all runoff water from the target fields on the property.


He also was the rangemaster for over 40 ATA shoots and with Gary Bombalicki increased the Club’s registered target count from 19,000 to over 124,000 per year.  He consults with gun clubs across the Country on lead management and land use issues. He also has served as President of Tri County Trap Club. He is the Founder and retired in 2018 as the CEO of Sensor Industries Inc. the leading provider of sensor mesh networks for multi-family housing complexes. Currently he is Founder and Vice President of Prairie Sky Products,


Terry Bilbey

Terry Bilbey began trapshooting in 1972 and in 1977 became the first shooter in ATA history to break 100 in Singles, Doubles and 27 yard Handicap on a single day. In 1978, he became the 20th shooter in ATA history to be awarded a Grand Slam. He was inducted into the California State Hall of Fame in 1999 and has 3 HOA and 2 HAA California State Shoot Championships.


In 2005 he purchased the failing Redlands Shooting Park and quickly turned it into one of the premier shotgun sports facilities in the Western United States increasing ATA targets to over 600,000 per year.


In 2010, Terry retired as President of a spring manufacturing company and has turned his attention to continuing to upgrade Redlands Shooting Park with the addition of a sporting clays course, new skeet fields and two bunker traps. He will also oversaw the construction of the 1200 foot shot curtain that will assure Southern California shooters the use of Redlands Shooting Park for years to come.


Gary Bombalicki

Gary Bombalicki grew up in trapshooting in Ohio. His dad served as President of the Ohio StateTrapshooting Association and Gary spent many summers at the Grand in Vandalia watching some of the legends in the game. After several years away from trap becoming a top executive in the cable television industry and a move to California, he picked up a Ljutic and within a few months was back at the 27.


In 2007 he became President of North Hollywood Sportsman Club and took over as ATA Shoot Director. Taking the ATA Shoots at the two trap club from an average of 15 shooters to over 40 earned him the ATA Volunteer of the Year Award for 2008.


Gary is Founder and President of  Blowback Laser Trainer. The Blowback Laser Trainer is Gary's own invention. It is a full size, full weight, semi-auto handgun replica that utilizes CO2 pressure to actuate the slide providing a real world recoil input to handgun training. It is being adopted as the preferred non-live round training platform by numerous local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

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